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The Common Alloy Story

Sterling Silver


Common Alloy was founded on the belief of creating a jewelry brand and business that celebrates both ethical practices and beauty. For the common good of women and our society, we support fair trade, ethical sourcing and honest pricing. But above all, our high quality products are designed to evoke confidence and effortless beauty for women everywhere. 

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Second Generation

When it comes to making jewelry, experience matters. We’re proud to be second-generation jewelers who understand what you want - affordable, reliable and stylish jewelry. At Common Alloy, we strive to provide amazing, beautiful jewelry without sacrificing ethical practices and honest pricing, helping all women feel beautiful, effortlessly.

What’s In A Name?

“Common” is a nod to how our jewelry can become a part of your daily routine, while “Alloy” speaks to our favorite materials. Working with our favorite metals lets us create jewelry with a distinct, luxury look at accessible prices that you can wear day to night, all year round.

Made With Love

The Common Alloy design team consists of creative women who are all about positive and collaborative energy. For each piece we design, we never forget to ask ourselves, “Would we love wearing this?” Our global team of talented designers and artisans are committed to the highest standards as we bring each design to life. We are all jewelry lovers at heart who truly enjoy the jewelry making process. Each and every piece of Common Alloy jewelry has been carefully chosen and loved by all of us.   

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