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Top 5 Fall Jewelry Trends For 2021

Top 5 Fall Jewelry Trends For 2021

As we enter into fall, we’re excited to see new jewelry trends emerge and how people style their pieces. A simple necklace or earrings can transform fall sweaters and cozy clothes, and we’re already seeing some trends take hold that are perfect for work, office, socializing and so much more. We’re always looking out for easy-to-adapt trends that you can use over and over, and this year’s trends are shaping out to be pretty fun!

So what kind of pieces should you be shopping for this autumn? We’re looking at the top 5 fall jewelry trends for 2021 and our favorite pieces that match each trend!

  1. Playful staples

One of our favorite jewelry trends for fall is a playful take on staple pieces. Whether dressed up or down, these are pieces that you’ll always reach for but with a little twist - great for going back to the office! For example, two-tone jewelry using shapes like paperclips are one of the best examples of this trend. It’s a simple design reimagined to be trendier and playful, and we’re here for it!

We’re really loving our two-tone double paperclip chain bracelet or our two-tone paperclip chain necklace for this trend. Blending gold and silver together using simple shapes is the perfect fall trend to layer with outfits for a whimsical touch.

  1. Geometric shapes

The geometric shape trend has been a popular one for the last few months, and it shows no sign of subsiding as we enter fall. The main difference between brands, though, is their design approach to simple shapes. We’ve seen outline versions of shapes like hexagons and squares, or thinner lines, but it seems to be shifting. This fall, expect to see slightly chunkier versions of geometric shapes with more creative design elements.

For example, our double-sided hexagon pendant necklace blends modern design with a functional finish to fit this trend. One side features a Mother of Pearl inlay with a celestial star accent, and the other side has a gleaming gold-tone finish. Another favorite is our dainty triangle charm bracelet for a modern touch.

  1. Climbers and crawlers in focus

Although a relatively recent trend, climbers and crawlers have become immensely popular with customers. It’s easy to see why - these types of earrings tend to be fun and whimsical and feature unique designs that are fun to style. We’re likely to see more of this fall since earrings tend to be the easiest accessory to wear with fall clothing when going back to school or going back to the office.

To stand out, we’d recommend looking for climbers and crawlers with quirky design details that you can pair with different kinds of outfits. Our favorites are the arrow and love gold ear climber set to fit this trend. The gold and gemstones come together to create a statement look that’s easy to style and looks great with many outfits.

  1. Minimal design is still key

As you’ve probably noticed, minimal design has taken over the jewelry world by storm, and that’s a trend here to stay. However, while we’re still seeing a minimal aesthetic, there has been a change in the designs coming out. We’ve noticed more interesting shapes and little details that make the jewelry so special, and that’s a fall trend we hope stays!

We particularly love minimal jewelry to dress up or down to add an elegant touch to outfits. So we particularly love the honeycomb necklace and honeycomb earrings as a minimal design staple or the hexagon signet ring. Simple, sleek, and stylish, the honeycomb design is a classic jewelry trend that always looks chic and unique.

  1. Pearls are back

To be fair, pearls never really went out of style, but they always tend to reemerge in popularity in the colder months and will definitely be a big fall trend this year as well. Incredibly versatile, pearls can be styled in a variety of ways for different occasions, making them a great investment that you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again.

One thing we love is seeing the classic gold-and-pearl combo reimagined and redesigned to create special and eye catching pieces that we can’t help but wear over and over again. Some of our favorites include the Freshwater Pearl Chain Earring, Oval Pearl Huggie Hoop Earring, and our Pearl and Chain Link Necklace. Each item is incredibly special and can be styled in so many ways, making it fun to play with and try new looks!

For fall 2021, these are the jewelry trends we are most excited to see. With each trend, though, it’s incredibly important to make it feel your own. Try different styles, and step out of your comfort zone to go for more statement looks if you find the right piece for a unique look. If you’re staying with the minimal aesthetic, there are plenty of modern and stylish pieces you can wear while still incorporating creative design elements. You can shop our newest arrival here to find your fall favorite jewelry!

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